Which hair straightener is best for men & Women India 2020


Human hair is one of the essential element of one’s beauty. There is a famous quote “Beauty itself speaks” in same way beautiful hair itself speaks about one’s beauty. Beautiful hair is the sense of attraction for all. Having beautiful hair is the dream of every women and men as it enhances face beauty to great extent. Type of hair differ from person to person depending upon one’s genetics. Some people have straight hair, the most lovable style from right birth while some have tangle and rough hair, which is considered an unsatisfactory style. Thus those who possess tangled and rough hair aim to possess straight hair. Since Technology has advanced a lot in present era, thus certain appliance have been invented which has the capability to transform your natural hair to any style no matter how rough or bad they are in actual. The appliance we are pointing out is “hair straightener” an grooming appliance used by women or men to straighten, curl or crimple the hair. In the market one will find exclusive range of hair styler which can straighten your hair easily and style it in any angle in some minutes. In pertain to hair styler, the biggest question that arises is in knowing which hair straightener is best  for men & women. Straight Hair is the best beloved style that both women and men love. Thus an ideal hair styler should be capable to straighten the hair along with giving unique style like curling and cramping. Thus in this post we have handpicked and reviewed in deep some of the best hair straightener that would fulfill your dream of having beautiful straight hair.

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How to use hair straightener to straighten, curl or crimple hair

To straighten the hair: To straighten the hair, Insert 2 inch section of hair between the plates and close the plates thereafter and then move the straightener down slowly over the hair.

To crimple the hair: Insert a 2 inch section  of hair between the ceramic coated plates and then close the plate for few seconds and release the hair slowly

To curl the hair: To curl the hair just wrap the hair around the barrel and tightly hold it with the clamp

Which hair straightener is best for men & Women India 2020

Product Name


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Philips bhs673/00 mid end Straightener


Philips bhs384 hair Straightener 


Havells hs4121 hair straightener


VEGA 3 in 1 hair styler - straightener curler and crimper

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

1.  Philips bhs673/00 mid end Straightener


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When it comes to personal care appliance then the first name the comes in mind is Philips. Nodoubt, Philips is the leading brand in hair straighteners. If you are looking for a best hair straightener and at the same time do not want to compromise with quality and money then surely go with this hair styler. Philips hair straightener is best hair straightener for men and women. Philips hair styler is loaded with some unique features that one won’t find in another hair styler. This hair styler is fully ideal to give you all 3 trending hair style such as straighten, curly or crimple hair. The build quality is very robust and longlasting. The small size of the styler makes it portable.

This styler is developed using SplitStop Technology, where the UniTemp sensor and the keratin ceramic plate protects the hair from being exposed to high heat and ensures minimal friction protection. Keratin ceramic plate also ensures ultrasmooth gliding over the hair. The length of the straightening plate is 105mm which results in faster and easier hair straightening. This styler is designed to give 11 different professional temperature hair style for every salon.

One can attain his favourite hairstyle even at a low heat setting of 20°C. The equipped digital screen displays 11 hair style temperature settings varying up to 230°C which let one adjust styler temperature to prevent hair damage. Philips styler has fast heat up of time of 30 seconds, after which it can be used. The device also comes with a unique feature of auto shut, where it automatically get switched off when left idle in on position for atleast 30 minutes. It comes with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. See detail Specifications

  • SplitStop Technology prevents hair damage
  • Device Auto shut off after 30 minutes feature
  • 11 professional hairstyle temperature setting upto 230 °C
  • Heat up in just 30 seconds
  • 1.6 m Cord length with high performance heater.
  • Keratin coated plated for smooth gliding over hair
  • 2 year warranty

2.  Philips bhs384 hair Straightener 

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Philips is the most preferable brand in hair straightener. If you made up your mind to buy only Philips hair styler but at the same time want to compromise with money, then Philips BHS384 is the one you should go with. Philips BHS384 is the second best hair straightener after Philips BHS673/00. This hair styler comprise of all common feature like hair straightening, hair curling or hair cramping that everyone expect to have in it. This amazing featured loaded styler is marked with a price tagline of under 2000 making it affordable for even small customers. Surely this hair styler would not let you hope down and would impress you by giving your hair a unique style everyday. This is one of the best hair straightener for men and women that comes in purple colour.

Philips BHS384 uses silkcare technology that uses advance ceramic coating plate that glides over hairs smoothly and at the same time also prevents hair from damaging from the extense heat. The hair styling temperature can be set from 190°C or 210°C depending upon the style, setting low temperature ensure adequate care of the hair. Loaded with professional styling temperature to flaut all trending hair style for every salon. Now get ready to witness beautiful hair style with this styler for every occasion of life. Compatible to be use in any part of the world. Consumes minimum voltage of 110-240 to operate. This hair styler will certainly give one salon like results. See detail Specifications.

    • SlikPro Care Technology prevents from excessive heat exposure
    • Ceramic plates ensures smooth gliding over hair
    • 2 professional hairstyle temperature settings
    • Styler Heat up fast even in less than 60 seconds
    • Long plate of 20x9mm ensures proper hair strightening
    • 1.6 m long cord prevents wire tagling
    • 2 years warranty from the date of purchase

3.  Havells hs4121 hair straightener

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Havells is a well known name in Kitchen and Electrical appliance. The appliance from this brand are known for its unique looks and sturdiness. Recently, Havells have started manufacturing appliance pertaining to personal care and grooming like trimmer, hair dryer, hair straightener, etc. Havells presents exclusive range of hair straightener, that can straighten your hair easily and make them classy and stylish. Straight hair style is probably the ideal choice of every women and men thus this hair styler is ideal to give you the same conveniently at your home in some minutes. If you possess Havells products or used any of it in past then you should certainly go with its hair styler. Havells hair straightener possess similar feature like found in other big brand hair styler. Talking about Havells HS4121 hair styler, the hair straightner heats up fast as less than in 60 seconds giving super results. Long 40×100 mm Ceramic Coated Floating Plates ensures more hair straighening at one go thus saving time. The ceramic plate helps in easy hair gliding and ensures hair shining. If you possess long, curly and rough hair then this is certainly the right styler for you. The styler comes with a + and – temperature button to adjust the temperature as per the style.

This hair straightener provide a option to choose amongst 5 hair styling temperature setting ranging from 150°C to 230°C. The temperature setting feature button helps in preventing excessive heat exposure over hair and keep them strong and shining like before. This hair styler also comes with an amazing Automatic shut off feature, under which the styler gets switched off automatically after 60 minutes to prevent any accident. Automatic shut off feature makes this hair styler amongst the most ideal choice. The 1.8 m long rubber power cord is sufficient for one to move from one spot to another while the styler is connected to the power. It also comes with plate lock feature where it provides maximum flexibility to store and makes it portable. Havells HS4121 hair styler comes with 2 year warranty. See detail Specifications.

    • Wide plate 40×100 mm, ensures fast hair straightening
    • Ceramic coated plate prevents hair damage
    • Floating plates prevent from breaking
    • Temperature adjusting setting 150°C to 230°C
    • Digital screen to monitor temperature
    • 2 year warranty

4.  VEGA 3 in 1 hair styler – straightener curler and crimper

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Vega 3 in 1 hair straightener spots first position in our list. Vega is India’s leading brand specializing in women’s beauty care products and personal care appliances. It has exclusive wide collection of Hair straightener specially designed for women and men in personal grooming appliance. If you are looking for a hair straightener that can help you to style your hair in any way and at the same time also should be budget friendly then surely go with this hair straightener. With this styler you can easily straighten, curl or crimple your hair. Vega 3 in 1 hair styler is a perfect option as it is one of the best hair straightener for men and women. This hair straightener is a perfect option for all those who starts their day flaunting a new hairstyle everyday.

Now no matter what occasion is it, this hair styler would help you to attain any hair style you aim. The styler plate are coated with ceramic that allow even distribution of heat and prevent hair damage. The size of the plate is 105mm X 30 mm. The hair straightener flat plates straighten hair and makes it sleek. The crimple plate create beautiful hairs crimps texture. It comes with 5 ridges to make beautiful crimps. Curler 32 mm barrel diameter help you to get beautiful hair curl with lustrous locks. Viga 3 in 1 hair styler is designed ergonomically, as it comes with a single button to switch to any of the three styles easily. The 360 degree rotatable swivel chuck avoid tangling of styler wire. The styler comes with a slider button to turn the styler in on or off position. This hair styler comes with 2 year warranty. See detail Specifications

  • 3 in 1 feaured hair stylerb (Straightener, Curler and Crimper )
  • Ceramic coated plate to prevent hair damage
  • Single button to switch to all style
  • 2 year warranty from purchase date

5.  SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

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Syska is India’s growing name in house lightening products. Over the past Syska has started developing personal care appliance. If you are looking for the most affordable hair straightener that possess the common trending hair style feature that is hair straightening then, this is probably the best choice. SYSKA HS6810 is one of the stylish & sleek designed hair straightener that comes in pink colour. The gloosy finish gives it an extra style. The straightening plate are coated with ceramic which ensures smooth gliding over the hair. Ceramic coated plate also have an relative advantage as it cools down fast.

The heat balance technology used in this styler provides uniform heat on the plate resulting in getting shinny and smooth hair. Syska Superglam hair straightener has fast heat time of 60 seconds thus you can straighten your hair fastly even when you are in hurry. It also comes with an auto shut off feature where it automatically get off it case of over heat to prevent any short circuit accident. This styler is totally safe against all shock. 360° swivel cord of this styler prevents wire tangling and make it easy to use. The small unique size makes it easy to be carried to elsewhere. In terms of warranty, this styler comes with 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

No matter whether you have sticky or curly hair, this hair styler would make your hair straight in minutes. Now with this hair styler you can easily and conveniently transform your hairstyle everyday. If you laid stress to buy Indian brand manufactured hair straightener then you can go with this hair styler. This hair styler is designed in such a way that the customer find ease in using it. Also, this hair styler possess feature of hair straightening but also is budget friendly for every customer.

This is best hair straightener under 1000. Now start your morning flaunting your beautiful straight hair designed by this styler. The outcome in terms of straight hair truly matches with professional salon results. This is certainly the money saving hair styler, as it will help you in getting your hair straightened without bearing any expenses incurred in salon. The small size of this hair styler makes it portable. This hair styler can be used by both men or women to straighten their hair. See detail Specifications

    • Ergonomically designed with elegant looks
    • Ceramic coated plate ensure easy gliding over the hair
    • User friendly to use
    • Fast heat time of just 60 seconds
    • Heat balance technology that prevents hair damage
    • Portable with lock feature
    • 360 degree swivel cord can be rotated in any direction
    • Made in India product


Note**  All the products that we choose to include in our list, is determined after deep market study and research which includes factors like star rating that customer allots to the product that we prefer 4 & obove. Enormous positive reviews, is a another basis of our inclusion of a product in our Blog.



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