5 Best Screwdriver Set for laptop, Electronic & mobiles repairing in India 2020

Screwdriver set for laptop

A screwdriver set is a tool kit, compromising of screwdriver, tester, pliers, etc. used for screwing and unscrewing the screws. Screwdriver has a handle and a shaft that ends in a tip that the user puts into the screw head and rotates either clockwise or anticlockwise to screw or unscrew. Screwdriver types are classified on … Read more

Best 5 spinning mop and bucket to buy in India 2020

Cleanliness is an important part of life. Proper and efficient cleanliness of our surroundings not only keeps diseases away and also makes our environment healthy. The government has even launched a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which laids stress to keep your surrounding clean. When it comes to to the cleanliness of the house then floor cleaning … Read more

Best 5 Tool Kit Set with drill for professional & home use India 2020

Tool kit is need of every house today whether it comes to fastening the screws or tightening the nuts & bolts. Some of the essentials tools which are used mostly are Pliers, which is used to cut and peel the wire, hammer for banding the nail against the wall, screwdriver to fasten the screws of … Read more