Best 10 Cricket bat in India in 2020

A cricket bat is a specialized piece of equipment made of wood and used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball, typically consisting of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. The length of the bat may be no more than 38 inches (965 mm) and the width no more than 4.25 inches (108 mm). Nowdays bats are made from various kind of woods. The bats plays an significant role in the game of cricket as it as a medium through which the batsman hit the ball with his full strength causing the ball to cross the field for boundaries and sixes. Cricket bats has attracted all age of group as all loves to play cricket recalling his young days. Here is the list of top 5 best durable bats that a youth can buy and play this favourite game of Cricket.

List of Best 5 Cricket bat to be buyed in 2020


1.  Kookaburra Adult Cricket Bat KB Kahuna 800

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If you are looking for the strongest and the sturdiest bat then certainly go with this bat. This cricket bat is made form quality unbleached English Willow wood. The bat is totally handcrafted. Kookaburra bat goes through 50 different production phrases before it is finally deemed to be fit for playing. This bat comes with a massive big edge feature which increases from the shoulders and maximize at the sweet spot, making a perfect balance. This bat is ideal to be used in all format like Test,T20 and One days. This bat has the  potential to give the best performance in terms of massive big hits in terms of sixes and fours. The handle of this bat is long and hard to sustain the pressure of the leather ball. The  grip surrounding the handle is made form premium rubber making it comfortable to hold the bat and swing the bat to play all the drives across the field.

2.  PR Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat (Short Handle)

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PR Limited brings the toughest and the strongest cricket bat made form one of the premium English Willow Wood. Light weight bat with sturdiness to hit big shot in the fields. This is one of the ideal and the most trusted bat among the international and the national players. The willow used in this bat is Grade 1 English willow with compostion of 1100 to 1200 gm. This bat comes with a long spine. The bat comes with a short handle so that the batsman can easily hold the bat comfortably in his hand. The bat is further pressed to give it more velocity and more ping when it strikes the leather ball. This bat is easily sustain the hard pressure of leather ball. All in all perfect and best bat for a professional player.

3.  WOLFER LEOPON Grade 3 PRO English Willow Cricket BAT

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WOLFER LEOPON Grade 3 PRO English Willow Cricket BAT is a handcrafted bat made from fully Pressed English willow. This bat is very strong and hard to play big hits. This bat can easily withstand the pressure of leather ball.  The willow composition of this bat has been used considering key features like right moisture, minimal or no marks. The willow has been extracted from the mature part of the tree, thus it require minimum efforts to strick the ball. The bat is lightweighted with nice hard stroke. Ideal for training purpose. The handle cane used in this bat has been imported from Singapore to provide it strongitivity and hardness. The rubber grip surrounding the handle is made form quality rubber, that makes easy and comfortable for the batsman to hold the bat and even swing to play the shot. The willow used in this bat is unaffected from any wood infections. One can get desired reliable performance with this bat. The bat is been gone through several quality checks to determine its hardness. If you are looking for a bat that could sustain for long time duration then certainly go with this.

4.  SS EW0469 English-Willow Ton Supreme Cricket Bat

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SS EW0469 English-Willow Ton Supreme Cricket Bat is made form hard composition of kasmir willow wood. Totally hand made and crafted. SS brand never compromised with the quality of the wood used to make the cricket bat. This bat can easily bear the hardness of the leather ball. One can play enormous shot with this bat for long time. The bat has been designed seeing the latest prevailing shape and design. Lightweighted bat with decent performance.  Totally made in India. Suitable for playing all format of cricket like Test, T20 and One day cricket. Perfect option for powerful playing shots.

5.  Elevar Kashmir – Kashmir Willow Bat for Season & Hard Tennis Ball 

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When comes the hardest Elever Kashmir bats pickes up a top spot. ICC Full Size: 850 mm (33.5 inches) ; Size 6: 800 mm (31.5 inches) Weight: 1175 – 1275 gm Trademark ergonomic handle, special polyurethane grip and aerodynamic bat shape Knocked in (500 knocks). Comes with a sleek metallic blue padded bat case. A perfectly balanced blade improves lift and bat speed Premium Polyurethane Grip – Cushioned and moisture wicking for unbelievable comfort. Rubber Grip – Slip-resistant for greater control. Revolutionary dual purpose handle for superior bat control and minimal twist. The bat is ideal to be played with a leathe ball being it a strong and durable. The bat is ideal for the adult between the age group of 18-28 years. Read more specifications

6.  DSC Condor Flicker Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

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DSC Condor Flicker Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat brings the powerful and sturdy bat to make one fearless on the crease to play big hits. Made from highest and premium Kashmir Willow wood. This cricket bat is a latest innovation that allows maximum transfer of energy when the ball comes in contact with this bat. The bat is totally hand crafted seeing the latest trend and preferable design. The lower to mid part of this bat is made form such hard wood to provide huge hits. The bat is guarded with toe guard to prevent the wood used in the bat from damage and damp at the bottom. The rubber grip used in the handle is very soft to hold and swing the bat in the way one prefer to play the shot. This best is ideal for players who are undergoing training.

7.  GM Zelos 222 Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Made from top quality select Kashmir willow. In-Box Contents: 1 Cricket Bat. Massive edges and exquisite balance. Pronounced bow for improved pick-up. Extended power zone for monstrous hitting area. Treble-spring multipiece cane handle. Superior cushioned grip. Clear tape on face. Lower sweet spot. Material: Kashmir-willow. Handcrafted by master craftsmen. The very best natural seasoned Grade-1 Kashmir willow used, every bat individually tested for balance punch and feel. The bats are also machine knocked ‘READY TO USE’ and strong clear imported tape applied on face for enhancing its reinforcement power and durability. Toe guard applied to resist damp and minimize toe swelling. The bats are fitted with Singapore treble spring cane handle for outstanding feel and control. GM cricket bats are recognised by professional players and rival brands as the best cricket bats in the World. Pick up & play with a GM Cricket Bat and feel the difference. Each and every bat is handcrafted to the unwavering standards of GM and modern manufacturing. Read more specifications

8.  Gray-Nicolls POWERBOW Smash Exclusive 2020 Kashmir Willow bat

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The sixth edition of a Gray-Nicolls classic, the Powerbow6 has a long, exaggerated bow which is enhanced by an imposing low, full-blade profile. Making it the ideal bat for players looking for the ultimate innings. This bat is best for the younger youth of age 8-15 years old.  Read more specification

This is the most economical bat amongst the category of strong bat. Most economical kashmir willow bat. Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots. Fabric covered for extra durability. The handle is made from premium, imported saravak cane to deliver superior power and control. The bat is covered in grain faced bat tape which gives it a smooth finish and a stylish look. This bat is made from finest kashmir willow grade wood to enhance performance of the batsman. good balance as international standards. The bat is suitable to be played with a leather ball. The bat is available in the size from 3 to 6.  Read more specification

10.  SMT M_F Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Ball


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This bat is grade one bat amongst the younge youth. The handle of the bat is made of SMT cane which is light yet sturdy. The blade of the bat is made of Popular willow which is extremely hardy. The crickets with extra thick edges for good pickup and is shaped after top range bats. The bat absorbs shock well too preventing damage and strain to your hands in the long run. Popular willow Cricket Bat playing only 8 -15 years boys & girls. The bat is meant for playing with light weight tennis ball only and not with a leather ball. Made of popular willow Light Weight Cricket Bat. Perfect bat for the modern day batsmen looking to play all round the wicket. The bat has a short handle making it suitable for younge children.  Read user specification

Thanks for Reading this article and hope you recall your young days when you used to play with bat.

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