Best 5 Water Purifier For home (RO) to Buy in India

best 5 water purifier to buy

  1. LG WW182EP Water Purifier FEATURES LG RO filtration kills bacteria, viruses and heavy metals making drinking water unbelievable pure UV LED prevents germs renewal and re-energize purified stored water 8 Liters capacity ideal for Middle sized Family Works on multi-stage filtration process that removes contaminants and dispense safe drinking water 0001 micrometers in … Read more

Best 5 wall painting for bedroom that every householder should buy

wall painting for bedroom

When it comes to decorating your house interior, wall painting has a significant role in one’s house. As we all know that our house room are classified into living, drawing & bedroom. Out of these common class of room, bedroom is room of concern of every householder. Family member generally prefer to live most of … Read more

Which hair straightener is best for men & Women India 2020

Human hair is one of the essential element of one’s beauty. There is a famous quote “Beauty itself speaks” in same way beautiful hair itself speaks about one’s beauty. Beautiful hair is the sense of attraction for all. Having beautiful hair is the dream of every women and men as it enhances face beauty to … Read more

5 Best Pure Silver Ring Design for men to choose in India 2020

Silver ring is an ornament which is worn around the finger to represent ones high status, marital status, immense wealth or worn as a remedy to strengthen weak moon and venus planet in the horoscope. Silver has always been considered as an auspicious ornament in Indian culture. The affordable price of silver makes it one … Read more

5 Best Screwdriver Set for laptop, Electronic & mobiles repairing in India 2020

Screwdriver set for laptop

Choosing a best Screwdriver set in India is really a hard nut to crack specially for those professionals for whom using tools is part of their profession. Indian market is specializing when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of tools and electrical devices. Since there are plenty of top brands that deals in deal in … Read more

Best 5 spinning mop and bucket to buy in India 2020

Cleanliness is an important part of life. Proper and efficient cleanliness of our surroundings not only keeps diseases away and also makes our environment healthy. The government has even launched a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which laids stress to keep your surrounding clean. When it comes to to the cleanliness of the house then floor cleaning … Read more

Best Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in India to buy 2020

Earphones are one of the key accessories of smartphone. Earphones allows its user to connect it with other speaker device either by medium of Bluetooth or via 3.5 mm jack. If one is habitual of listening songs privately, then earphones is a must accessory for him/her. The quality of the sound enhances if one uses … Read more