5 Best Screwdriver Set for laptop, Electronic & mobiles repairing in India 2020

Choosing a best Screwdriver set in India is really a hard nut to crack specially for those professionals for whom using tools is part of their profession. Indian market is specializing when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of tools and electrical devices. Since there are plenty of top brands that deals in deal in tools and mini electrical devices thus it becomes difficult best screwdriver set in india. Best screwdriver set  in india comprises of screwdriver, tester, pliers, etc. used for screwing and unscrewing the screws. Screwdriver has a handle and a shaft that ends in a tip that the user puts into the screw head and rotates either clockwise or anticlockwise to screw or unscrew. Screwdriver types are classified on the basis of the electronic item for which it is used to tight or loose screws. For example, screwdriver for laptop, screwdriver for electrician, screwdriver for laptops, etc.Best Screwdriver Set for laptop, Electronic & mobiles repairing in India 20205 Best Screwdriver Set for laptop, Electronic & mobiles repairing in India 2020 Nowadays, the Screwdriver is being replaced with modern versatile power drill. Power drill is easy & handy to use. Apart from  screwing and unscrewing it can also drill holes too.  The tasks are performed quickly that ultimately leads to saving of precious time. The Screwdriver shaft  made from durable steel to avoid it bending or twisting. The tip part of the screwdriver shaft is made extra strong to avoid its bending or twisting while applying extra force on unscrewing some rusted screws. The screwdriver handles is  generally made of wood, metal or plastic. Modern manual screwdrivers comes with an interchangeable tips that fit into the socket on the end of the shaft, held mechanically or magnetically.

Screwdriver Set is one of the key element of modern tool kit. With the possession of the right Screwdriver set one can execute enormous household and professional  tasks easily. All household electronic items like mobiles, watches, appliances are locked with lot of screws. Thus the need of screwdriver is felt in every household.  Presently, in the market one will find various types of screwdriver set ranging from small to large. Some screwdriver shaft tip is designed matching screw head  so that it fits in the firmly in the screws.  The mostly widely searched kit are Screwdriver set for mobile repairing, Screwdriver set for home use electric, Screwdriver set for laptop repairing, Screwdriver set for home use taparia and Screwdriver set electronics. Thus screwdriver turns to be a great aid in repairing all electronics items ranging from large appliances like TV, Cooler, iron to small mini electronics items like mobile, watches, MP3, Ipod, etc. If you are looking for best screwdriver set in india which can be your ideal tool to repair your mobile, laptop, pc or other electronic appliances then here is the list of

5 Best Screwdriver Set for laptop, Electronic & mobiles repairing in India 2020  

1.  AmazonBasics 151-piece Screwdriver Bit Set

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AmazonBasics is one of the best screwdriver set is india. It is the ideal choice in screwdriver set. The set provides total of 151 common types of bits of various sizes that turns to be very useful in all types of repairs of household. The bits are made from premium durable steel that not only gives it durability but also makes it corrosion free. The set includes screwdriver bits, screwdriver nut bits, security bits and precision screwdriver bits. Apart from bits the set includes a mini long pliers for holding and twisting small items like nails or nuts, magnetic extension bit holder for longer reach and ratcheting screwdriver handle for holding the bits. The entire set of bits, screwdriver handle and pliers comes in a strong durable case that prevents bits from getting misplaced or lost. The carry case also makes it easy to carry the screwdriver set to another place. The bits provided in the case are sufficient to carry out repairs even in small electronic items like smartphones or watches.

2.  Screwdriver Set Stanley- 46pcs

Stanley tools have always known for its superior quality, durability and for its unique design all around the world.  Stanley hand tools has been designed keeping in view the demanding carpentry, construction, electrical and plumbing tasks. Stanley screwdriver set includes quick release ratchets, drive extensions, universal joints, sliding T-bars, spinner handle, hex keys and much more. Screwdriver set stanley is made from high quality steel with Nickel-Chrome finish. Screwdriver set Stanley comes with double nickel chromium alloy coating to avoid corrosion. Patented gripping provides firm grip over the screwdriver  handle. Maxi-DriveTM design screwdriver socket provides 15% more torque than normal sockets to tighten fasteners easily and for easy rotation. The entire screwdriver set consists of 1-Piece 1/4 drive quick release ratchet, 2-Pieces 1/4 drive extensions: (50mm and 100mm), 1-Piece 1/4 drive flexible extension, 1-Piece 1/4 drive universal joint, 1-Piece 1/4 drive sliding t-bar, 1-Piece 1/4 drive spinner handle, 4-Pieces 1/4 hex keys, 22-Pieces 1/4 drive bit sockets – hex , torx , phillips , pozidrive slotted, 13-Piece 1/4 drive 6 point socket

3.  HSR 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set

HSR screwdriver set is one of the smallest size that comes in small sturdy ABS plastic box. All the bits inside the case are very easy to fit and remove and return. The screwdriver has a big handle made up of high quality aluminium. The aluminium build material makes it totally rust proof. It is very easy to screw, even the smallest screws. The flexible shaft screwdriver handle makes it easy to reach the places where it is hard to reach normally. This 25 in 1 screwdriver set is intended to design for mobile devices iphone/ipad/Samsung/HTC and other smartphones ones), Electronics, tablets, PC, macbook pro, controller (X 360 Controller, Nintendo 3ds) and other devices.

4.  Taparia Screwdriver Set 840

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If you frequently need various household objects to repairs, then Taparia screwdriver set 840 is the perfect ideal tool kit for one. Taparia screwdriver 840 set is made from high grade CA plastic. The driver handle is non-flammable which makes it totally safe. The blades are made of high quality Silican Manganese steel that makes it break resistant. The driver handle is designed ergonomically so that it can be well holded and used. The hardness on he tip varies from 55 to 58 HRC. The strong handle can even withstand tough use like hammering. The driver can also be used to test the live current. The neon bulb illuminates when the tester tip comes in contact with electricity. Taparia screwdriver set comes with six different blades which can be used in tightening or loosening various kinds of screws. The set includes flat heads and square pokers . All the blades in the tool set box have magnetic tips that provides a firm grip over the screw and also helps in pulling out the screws. This screwdriver set can jointly be purchased with advance home tool kit. The lightweight of the box makes it portable to be carried to elsewhere. The affordable price of this taparia screwdriver makes it one of the best selling screwdriver set.


5.  HUSB 31 in 1 Screwdriver Set Kit with Magnetic Holder for Laptop

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HUSB is a well known brand in home tool kit. HUSB 31 in 1 Interchangeable mini Screwdriver set is one of the best selling in mini screwdriver set. HUSB 31 in 1 is perfect screwdriver set for mobile and  screwdriver set for laptop. The driver bits available with this kit are self sufficient to tighten and fasten screws of almost all laptops and mobiles. The driver bits are made from pure stainless steel that makes it corrosion free. The screwdriver handle is made from durable plastic with rubber wrap which gives a firm grip while holding. The Strong magnetic force holds the driver bits tightly for greater pull and tight hold on the same time light enough for easy changing of bits. Screwdriver Kit for Home Use and Laptop Interchangeable Precise Screw drivers Set. HUSB 31 in 1 is highly professional screwdrivers that open cover of mobile phones easily without causing damage to the phone cover. The entire kit includes 1 plastic handle, 9 Heads Torex T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20 (cell phone, PC, hard drive, printer, Xbox, Xbox 360, shaver) 4 Heads Philips PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1 (Most common cross heads) 7 Heads Straight 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 (Most common Straight heads) 8 Heads Hex 0.7, 0.9, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 (model, bicycle, Engine, Guns) 2 Heads Philip Z0, PZ1


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